I specialise in 'Horticultural Design' which essentiall means I specialise in plant based design solutions, but I do not get involved in landscape design work, or any sort of garden construction tasks.

For most of my life I have been involved in Design related job roles. From being a Secondary School Art Teacher, to completing a 2.1 Honours Degree in Art & Design, and also working as a Professional Photographer. My experience is very considerable.

Adding the above to my new role as a self employed horticultural gardener, I am able to offer you detailed design planning and design solutions for your horticultural needs. This can relate to a new garden or development / renovation of an existing garden.

Design solutions would typically include the following 5 specification considerations:

1. ASTHETICS - Achieving the Asthetic look, style you require for the garden of specific feature.

2. MAINTENANCE - Ensuring that the ongoing maintenance of the garden or feature is in line with the clients views.

3. COST - Budgeting carefully so the implementation of the design is in line with the clients budget.

4. HORTICULTURE - Ensuring the design proposal matches with the Horticultural needs of the gardens location, soil, light, wind and water constraints etc. This also includes allowing for the growing features of each plant over time.

5. FURTHER DEVELOPMENT - Designing carefully so that if a client wants flexibility to change or develop the garden or feature in different ways in the future, ensuring the original desing allows for further development to take place easily and at minimal cost and disruption.

Please contact me for a free consultation visit to your home.